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My favorite film is " Titanic "

dimanche 5 mai 2013

It tells the love story of Rose (Kate Winslet), a young first class passenger and Jack (Leonardo Dicarprio) a roaming young boy embarked for the United States. Rose is quite unhappy and decides to commit suicide. Jack prevents her from doing it. They will live, then, a love story fast disturbed by the wreck of the ship.

The Titanic story is well known : on the night of April 15th, the British liner faced during its maiden voyage, an iceberg off Newfoundland and sank, killing 1,500 passengers. It was the largest transatlantic ship in the world and its sinking marked the end of an era when Europe dominated the world and where its proudly ships dominated the seas. In 1986 the wreck was located 4000 meters deep and subsequent underwater expeditions allowed to find countless objects and reconstruct more precisely the circumstances of the tragedy.

The film scrupulously follows the storyline but Cameron added a perfectly imaginary love story between Jack, a lost artist, and Rose, a well-born but poor girl, condemned by her family to marry a rich industrialist completely unsympathetic.


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