Belle de Mai

The "foyer"

The educational focus of the school

dimanche 5 mai 2013

We will present you to the foyer that is in our college.

The foyer of our school is a place where you can relax, read and play games.

The foyer is open all day. It can not however welcome all classes simultaneously.

Even if it is a place to relax this is not a place where you can afford to
be disrespectful (screaming, being disrespectful or act evil).

The foyer was established in November 2012.

The foyer has a set of rules and anyone who does not comply will be excluded.

The foyer is an "association loi 1901" non-profit (which does not make a profit).

It is headed by a Bureau Director which is elected annually at the General Assembly, which brings together all the members of the Foyer.

Etabli par : Preira Cybil et Boukhedenna Medyna

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