Belle de Mai

Adini Feriha Koydum

lundi 3 juin 2013

A Turkish series

The series is mainly about Feriha Yilmaz ( Leyla Hazal Kaya ) who is the main character in the series, and her life.
Feriha is the daughter of a poor family. Her father Riza Yilmaz ( metin çekmez ) is a doorman in Etiler which is a rich neighborhood of Istanbul.
Her mother Zehra yilmaz ( Vahide Gôrdûm ) is a housekeeper.
Feriha achieved to enroll on a private university with a full Scholarship.
On her first day , Feriha then poses as a rich girl whose father is a wealthy man .
There she meets a handsome and rich boy called Emire sarrafôglû ( ça gatay ulusay ).
They like each other the first time and Feriha doesn’t know what to do for love is more powerful than a lie but lying can destroy one’s life.

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