Belle de Mai

Les mythos : a film you must see before you die !

If you haven’t seen this comedy, you should !

samedi 4 mai 2013

It is a French comedy, made in 2011, starring four main actors : Stéphanie Crayencour as Marie, a rich Belgian heiress, William Lebghil as Karim, a young bodyguard, Ralph Amoussou as Moussa, a bodyguard, who is Karim’s friend and Alban Ivanov as Nico who is a bodyguard too and he is Karim’s ans Moussa’s friend.

The action takes place in Paris, they must escort Marie who is traveling on business.

Moussa must find the money to marry his girlfriend who is living with him.

When Marie returns to her home, she is chased by people who want to kill ...

But why don’t you watch the film and see the end !

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