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mardi 14 mai 2013

This article is for geeks and fans of videos games and of the film Prince of Persia.

This film is an action and adventure film. It tells the history of Persia, but it is a fiction. The lead actor is Jake Gyllenhaal, in the role of Prince Dastan, adopted by King Sharaman, and the youngest of his new brothers, Tus, the eldest, and Garsiv, who is younger.

Prince of Persia

A spy discovers that Alamut, a neighboring city, has forged weapons to destroy the kingdom of Persia. Tus decided to attack Alamut, but Dastan attacked without the authorization of his brother. He finds a special dagger, and, at end of the seat, meets Princess Tamina, the princess of Alamut. Tus gives Dastan a tunic of Alamut, a present for his father. He gives it to the King, but the tunic is poisoned and kills Sharaman. Dastan is considered a traitor and flees the kingdom with Tamina. Dastan discovers the power of the dagger : It can go back in time if it has the sands of time. They meet Sheikh Amar and Seso. Amar wants to sell them to the new Persian King, Tus, but Dastan and Tamina flee to Avrat, the place of his father’s funeral. He meets Nizam, his uncle, and tells him of Tus’s designs : He wants the magic dagger. Dastan also speaks of the power of the dagger. But he has seen the burned hands of his uncle and he understands that it is him who has poisoned the tunic of his father. He will defeat Nizam and the Hassansins, a sect of assassins with Tamina, Amar, Seso, and the power of the time dagger, and he will reveal the plans of his uncle.


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